Leslie Grace Shares

Leslie Grace Shares New Behind the Scenes Footage of Batgirl on Tik Tok

Leslie Grace Shares: Leslie Grace is still working through the stages of bat-grief about her starring turn in Batgirl getting shelved for tax purposes. The first stage is shock, then thanking the fans, then leaking stuff that will never see the light of day otherwise. Presumably acceptance comes eventually.

As part of her stage 3 work, Grace shared behind the scenes photos and clips of her work as Barbara Gordon on TikTok, soundtracked by a song she’d written herself called “Batgirls Get Lonely Too.” The BTS content included playback of Grace fighting Brendan Fraser’s Firefly, Grace covered in SFX makeup bruises, and hella fight choreo. “wrote this song during the pandemic. b4 I even knew ANY of this would be my life,” she captioned the video.

Leslie Grace Shares

Leslie Grace Shares New Behind the Scenes Footage

Meanwhile, the Great WB Write Down War rages on, with Final Space being the latest property to poof out of existence. “Five years of my life. Three seasons of TV. Blood, sweat, and tears…became a tax write-off for the network who owns Final Space,” series creator Olan Rogers wrote on Twitter.

“When the license is up internationally, Netflix will take it down, and then it will be gone forever. There are no ore physical copies of S1 and S2, and no physical copies of Season 3 were ever made. Your memory of Final Space will be the only proof it ever existed.”

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